Introducing ID16.9 – the quest for everyone to have a legal identity (trailer)

August 1, 2022

One in eight people have no formal identity, no way to prove who they are. Find out the devasting impact this can have on everything in life – from accessing vaccinations and education to finding formal employment and even inheriting.

Would you be searching for podcasts if you didn’t have ID?

The UN is trying to solve the problem. Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 aims to ensure everyone in the world has a legal identity by 2030. We find out how that’s going and how we might meet the goal.

Hear from tech companies offering solutions, the big players like the UNDP and World Bank pouring in billions, down to individuals among the billion without ID, explaining their struggles in countries rich and poor.

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Produced and hosted by Frank Hersey at Biometric Update.

Would you listen to podcasts if you didn’t have a ID? What else might you miss out on if you’d had no access to education, healthcare, jobs or travel? There’s more than a billion people in the world without a legal identity. Find out what this does to your life chances and what’s been done about it.

For the system to work, all births need to be registered…

“Birthday cards, and everyone is celebrating – it’s a joy. It’s not necessarily the first priority is all ‘I want to go do some paperwork’, right?”

…as do all deaths.

“Dead people can cause a lot of trouble.”

The U.N. and other organizations are aiming for Identity For All by 2030, with their target, SDG 16.9. Hear how it’s going…

“In Africa, we will not be able to meet the targets for the SDG. So we do need a disruptive process.”

…and from people around the world without an identity. Keep tabs on this life or death mission with ID16.9, wherever you find your podcasts.